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Free Download Old Hindi Movie Bazaar 1982 Film

Bazaar 1982 film

Bazaar is a 1982 Indian drama film directed by Sagar Sarhadi and starring Naseeruddin Shah, Farooq Shaikh, Smita Patil and Supriya Pathak. The film set in Hyderabad, India, highlights the issue of bride buying in India, through the tragedy of a young girl being sold by needy parents to affluent expatriate Indians in the Gulf.

The movie opens with Najma (Smita Patil) decking herself up in a flat in Mumbai. She soon entertains a guest, Akhtar Hussain, who turns out to be her love interest. He talks of an argument at his house with his father who had asked him to marry the daughter of an affluent cement factory owner. Akhtar claims that he refused the offer and had told his father that he will marry the woman of his choice. At being asked by Najma about when they would get married, Akhtar reveals that in order to marry against the wishes of the family it is necessary that he start earning his own living. He further assures the crestfallen Najma that one Shakir Khan, a middle-aged man working in the gulf area, who would soon be coming to their place, would help him with the money to set up some business. Najma is apprehensive of Shakir Khan's stay with her but Akhtar says that there is no other way as after all, the flat has been provided for by Shakir Khan himself.

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As the evening proceeds, it is revealed that Najma has received many letters from her home for the past six years however, she never reads them as she still hasn't forgiven her family for forcing her into selling herself in order to earn some money for the family. She had been willing to engage in some other work but her mother had insisted that the pride of the Nawaabs that they had once been would be tarnished if she becomes a working woman and so it would be better to sell the body instead as it is only for a night and can be accomplished secretly. As Akhtar spends the night at Najma's, she remembers how on one of his visits Akhtar had offered to take her with him with a hope of marrying her soon and she too had run away with him.

The next day Najma is visited by Salim, a renowned poet, who has been in love with her for the past six years; however, she hasn't accepted his love. The two share a friendly relationship and are very comfortable with each other. Salim once again reiterates that he often thinks about her and that though he couldn't marry her 6 years ago, he is quite capable of doing so today. Salim tells her that she is living a life of lies as Akhtar only visits her to spend the night and has no intention of marrying her.

Najma and Akhtar receive Shakir Khan at the airport. The next morning Shakir questions Najma on the whereabouts of Akhtar, hinting at the promiscuous nature of their relationship and eyeing Najma the whole time.

The film then shifts to Hyderabad where Shabnam (Supriya Pathak), a young girl from a poor family is shown preparing for her wedding along with her friends. Her father (Bharat Kapoor) is a debt-ridden man who has borrowed money from everyone he knows for Shabnam's wedding. He hopes that Shabnam's marriage will bring some relief to his financial woes. Shabnam is unaware of the fact that her father has sold her to Shakir Khan for Rs. 50,000 and that she will have to leave for Dubai after her wedding.

Meanwhile, Sarju (Farooq Shaikh), a young and idealistic man who works as a newspaper vendor, falls in love with Shabnam at first sight. He tries to woo her by sending her letters and poems but she doesn't respond. He then decides to meet her personally and confess his feelings. He manages to sneak into her house on the pretext of delivering newspapers and meets Shabnam in her room. He tells her that he loves her and wants to marry her. Shabnam is shocked and scared by his sudden appearance and asks him to leave. Sarju is hurt and angry by her rejection and vows to win her over.

On the day of Shabnam's wedding, Sarju comes to know that she is being sold to Shakir Khan and that she will have to go to Dubai with him. He is outraged by this and decides to stop the wedding at any cost. He gathers his friends and storms into the wedding hall. He confronts Shabnam's father and accuses him of selling his daughter. He also declares his love for Shabnam and asks her to come with him. Shabnam's father denies any wrongdoing and claims that he has arranged a respectable marriage for his daughter. He also insults Sarju and his friends and orders them to leave. Sarju refuses to give up and tries to persuade Shabnam to elope with him. However, Shabnam is too scared and confused to take any decision. She feels bound by her family's honour and tradition and chooses to go ahead with the wedding.

Sarju is heartbroken and devastated by Shabnam's decision. He leaves the wedding hall in despair. As he walks on the road, he sees a truck coming towards him. He doesn't move away and gets hit by the truck. He dies on the spot.

The film ends with a scene of Najma reading a letter from her mother who informs her that Shabnam has been married to Shakir Khan and that she is very happy in Dubai. Najma knows the truth behind Shabnam's marriage and feels sorry for her. She also realizes that she has wasted her life with Akhtar who has never loved her truly. She decides to end her relationship with Akhtar and start a new life with Salim who has always loved her sincerely.


  • Naseeruddin Shah as Salim

  • Farooq Shaikh as Sarju

  • Smita Patil as Najma

  • Supriya Pathak as Shabnam

  • Bharat Kapoor as Shabnam's father

  • Rita Rani Kaul as Shabnam's mother

  • Malika as Najma's mother

  • Vijay Sharma as Akhtar Hussain

  • Kulbhushan Kharbanda as Shakir Khan


The music of the film was composed by Khayyam and the lyrics were written by Mirza Shauq, Makhdoom Mohiuddin, Kaifi Azmi, Bashar Nawaz and Hassan Kamal. The songs of the film are as follows:

  • "Dikhai Diye Yun" - Lata Mangeshkar

  • "Phir Chhidi Raat" - Lata Mangeshkar, Talat Aziz

  • "Karoge Yaad To" - Bhupinder Singh

  • "Chale Aao Saiyan" - Pamela Chopra

  • "Dekh Lo Aaj Humko" - Jagjit Kaur


The film won several awards at various film festivals and ceremonies. Some of them are:

  • Filmfare Award for Best Story - Sagar Sarhadi

  • Filmfare Award for Best Screenplay - Sagar Sarhadi

  • Filmfare Award for Best Supporting Actress - Supriya Pathak

  • National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Urdu - Sagar Sarhadi

  • National Film Award for Best Music Direction - Khayyam

  • National Film Award for Best Female Playback Singer - Jagjit Kaur for "Dekh Lo Aaj Humko"

: [Bazaar (1982 film) - Wikipedia]


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