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Principi Telekomunikacija Miroslav Dukic Pdf 18

Principi Telekomunikacija Miroslav Dukic Pdf 18

Principi Telekomunikacija (Principles of Telecommunications) is a book written by Professor Miroslav Dukic, a renowned expert in the field of telecommunications. The book covers various topics related to the phenomenon of communication, such as signals and systems, elements of random process theory in telecommunications, analog and digital modulations, coding principles, and more. The book is intended for students and professionals who want to learn the fundamentals and applications of telecommunications.

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The book was first published in 2014 by Akademska Misao (Academic Thought), a publishing house based in Belgrade, Serbia. The book has two editions, the first one with 504 pages and the second one with 518 pages. The book also has a companion volume, Principi Telekomunikacija Zbornik Resenih Problema (Principles of Telecommunications Collection of Solved Problems), which contains exercises and solutions for each chapter of the main book.

The book is written in Serbian language, but it also includes some terms and formulas in English for easier reference. The book is available in PDF format, which can be downloaded from the official website of the publisher or from other online sources. The PDF file size is about 18 MB, which is relatively small for a book of this scope and quality.

Principi Telekomunikacija is a comprehensive and authoritative source of information on telecommunications, written by a distinguished professor with extensive experience and knowledge in the field. The book is suitable for anyone who wants to learn more about the theory and practice of communication systems and technologies.


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