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uncle vernon and aunt petunia drive away and dudley curses them under his breath. the next day, they eat a delicious dinner at the dursleys' new home in scotland. when they are lying in bed, harry thinks about all the people he has met recently and wonders where they are right now. the next day, they fly to scotland on a flying car, and uncle vernon buys harry a toy dalek. hermione wants to buy harry a pony, but uncle vernon doesn't want him riding around in the village. harry goes into the village and buys a new toy, a train set. when they get back to the house, they hear gunshots, followed by what sounds like ginny and harry screaming. harry tries to run upstairs with ron, but an invisibility cloak pushes them both to the ground and draws them into an eerie green light. harry wakes up in the tree, well away from the house. as he watches the house, he realises that he had been a part of the day before - he was with ron, hermione and neville. in the afternoon, a figure appears and gives harry a letter to give to harry, which he does.

harry finds that hogwarts already has him feeling more and more left out of the games and that he has little to do all day. however, he is shocked to see draco malfoy sign up for a boxing session with slytherin seeker viktor krum, whom harry has always thought of as a friend. at lunchtime, the hogwarts express arrives and harry falls in with ron who announces that this is the best way to travel, due to the train going through every hogwarts castle in turn. en route from king's cross station, harry falls asleep, dreaming that voldemort has stolen harry's soul, and that all through the train, his heart has been beating out of his chest. he wakes up, shaking. when ron and hermione push him through the sliding door from the compartment, he immediately wakes up and tells them what he has been dreaming. 3d9ccd7d82

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